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We present the redshift distribution of a complete sample of 480 galaxies with Ks < 20 distributed over two independent fields covering a total area of 52 arcmin 2. The redshift completeness is 87% and 98% respectively with spectroscopic and high-quality and tested photometric redshifts. The redshift distribution of field galaxies has a median redshift z(More)
Seminal fluid often makes up a large part of an ejaculate, yet most empirical and theoretical studies on sperm competition have focused on how sperm characteristics (number and quality) affect fertilization success. However, seminal fluid influences own sperm performance and may potentially influence the outcome of sperm competition, by also affecting that(More)
The mechanism for blob generation in a toroidal magnetized plasma is investigated using time-resolved measurements of two-dimensional structures of electron density, temperature, and plasma potential. The blobs are observed to form from a radially elongated structure that is sheared off by the E x B flow. The structure is generated by an interchange wave(More)
We use a deep K AB ≤ 25 galaxy sample in the Hubble Deep Field South to trace the evolution of the cosmological stellar mass density from z ≃ 0.5 to z ≃ 3. We find clear evidence for a decrease of the average stellar mass density at high redshift, 2 ≤ z ≤ 3.2, that is 15 +25 −5 % of the local value, two times higher than what observed in the Hubble Deep(More)
  • A Cimatti, M Mignoli, +12 authors N Menci
  • 2002
The K20 survey is an ESO VLT optical and near-infrared spectroscopic survey aimed at obtaining spectral information and redshifts of a complete sample of about 550 objects to Ks ≤ 20.0 over two independent fields with a total area of 52 arcmin 2. In this paper we discuss the scientific motivation of such a survey, we describe the photometric and(More)
M. B. Rettig et al. (1) describe evidence of Kaposi's sarcoma–associated herpesvirus (KSHV) infection in long-term cultured bone marrow dendritic stromal cells in 15 out of 15 samples obtained from patients with multiple myeloma (MM) and in two out of eight samples from patients with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS). Rettig et al.(More)
To address the problem concerning the early formation of stars in massive galaxies, we present the results of a semi-analytic model of galaxy formation which includes a physical description of starbursts triggered by galaxy interactions. These originate from the destabilization of cold galactic gas occurring in galaxy encounters, which in part feeds the(More)
The mechanisms for anomalous transport across the magnetic field are investigated in a toroidal magnetized plasma. The role of plasma instabilities and macroscopic density structures (blobs) is discussed. Examples from a scenario with open magnetic field lines are shown. A transition from a main plasma region into a loss region is reproduced. In the main(More)
Female choice is often assumed to be based on absolute preference, driven by a threshold value of mate attractiveness. However, increasing evidence suggests that females may instead perform a comparative evaluation of prospective mates, possibly incurring in violation of rational decision rules (e.g. independence from irrelevant alternative, IIA). A(More)
A specific experimental apparatus consisting of an ion source and a detector for the investigation of the interaction between suprathermal ions and drift-wave turbulence is developed on the toroidal plasma experiment. Due to the low plasma temperature ͑ϳ5 eV͒, a spatially localized, small-size ion source ͑ϳ4 cm͒ mounted inside the vacuum vessel with(More)