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Phylogenetic relationships among species and subspecies of the Canary Island endemic lizard genus Gallotia are inferred based on nucleotide sequences of fragments of 12S ribosomal RNA and cytochrome b mitochondrial genes. The four morphologically established species have also been recognized at the molecular level. Relative affinities among species follow(More)
In the last 15 years viruses have been acknowledged as important components of the benthic microbial community, but our understanding of their role in the functioning of aquatic systems remains poor. Viruses can affect bacterial assemblages and mineralization activities, but the extent of their influence remains unclear. We synthesised available data on(More)
Global warming affects the thermal stratification of freshwater lakes, and thus can lead to thermocline deepening. To follow the direct and indirect effects of thermocline shifts on processes at the sediment–water interface, the thermoclines in six of twelve lake enclosures were deepened by pumping warm surface water below the thermocline. Hypolimnetic(More)
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