Federica Papini

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A non cirrhotic patient with esophageal varices and portal vein thrombosis had recurrent variceal bleeding unsuccessfully controlled by endoscopy and esophageal transection. Emergency transhepatic portography confirmed the thrombosed right branch of the portal vein, while the left branch appeared angulated, shifted and stenotic. A stent was successfully(More)
BACKGROUND Inflammatory myoglandular polyp (IMGP) is a rare non-neoplastic polyp of the large bowel, commonly with a distal localization (rectosigmoid), obscure in its pathogenesis. Up till now, 60 cases of IMGP have been described in the literature, but none located in the cecum. CASE PRESENTATION We report a case of a 53-year-old man who was admitted to(More)
BACKGROUND The elevated serum and peritoneal cytokine concentrations responsible for the systemic response syndrome (SIRS) and multiorgan failure in patients with severe acute pancreatitis lead to high morbidity and mortality rates. Prompted by reports underlining the importance of reducing circulating inflammatory mediators in severe acute pancreatitis, we(More)
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