Federica M F van Dissel-Emiliani

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The development of the spermatogonial transplantation technique has given new impetus to research on spermatogonial stem cells. Possibilities opened by this technique include: (a) New ways to study fundamental aspects of spermatogenesis; (b) Generation of transgenic large domestic animals; (c) Protection of (young) male cancer patients from infertility due(More)
A method for obtaining enriched populations of gonocytes from rat embryos at 18 days p.c. has been developed. Single cell suspensions with high cell yield and good viability of the cells were obtained by a collagenase/trypsin digestion of the testes. Cells were separated on the basis of size by the Staput technique of velocity sedimentation at unit gravity.(More)
Several germ cell tumors that occur in adult men likely originate from gonocytes that are impaired in their development. To select candidate genes that are involved in the normal development of the gonocytes, we constructed a complementary DNA (cDNA) library from rat gonocytes as well as from single, paired, and aligned A spermatogonia (A(s), A(pr), and(More)
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