Federica Foiadelli

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The increasing penetration of renewable sources with power-electronic interfaces in power systems is raising technical problems and the overall efficiency of photovoltaic systems can decrease dramatically. In this context, the optimal layout for the photovoltaic system is required. The most adequate strategy to connect the renewable system to the electrical(More)
Smart grids can be a good challenge for the near future if they are intelligently managed. Therefore, the exploitation of the energy resources distributed into a network is one of the most discussed themes in actual scientific literature, together with the attention paid to power quality (PQ) improvement. This paper aims to provide a possible solution to(More)
This paper deals with the impact of wind induction generators connected to weak distribution grids. The study presented in this paper, starting from the definition of a model regarding the wind speed, wants to evaluate the impact of the wind turbine connected to weak distribution grids. The main characteristic of the wind model is its simplicity in spite of(More)
Nowadays energy storage systems, such as batteries, are essential for electric vehicles and renewable energy sources. One of the important aspects is to model both the electrical and thermic battery behaviors. Another important aspect is to find a modeling procedure whereby the parameters of these models are found. In literature, different models and(More)