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Participation in exercise programs is heartily recommended for older adults since the level of physical fitness directly influences functional independence. The aim of this present study was to investigate the effects of supervised Pilates exercise training on the physical function, hypothesizing that a period of Pilates exercise training (PET) can increase(More)
OBJECTIVE As an alternative to the traditional approach to physical exercise, new kinds of organized physical activity have been developed designed to engage large segments of the population. Among these, Zumba fitness is extremely popular, with a growing number of participants. This article aims to summarize and analyze the body of evidence on the effects(More)
This study aimed to compare the cardiometabolic responses (VO2 and HR) and rate of perceived exertion (RPE) of walking, at the same percentage of heart rate reserve (HRres) plus resting heart rate (HRrest), on a nonmotorized aquatic treadmill and on a land-based motorized treadmill, in healthy older adults. Eighteen healthy older adults, all men, were(More)
The aim of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to summarize and analyze the effects of Nordic Walking on physical fitness, body composition and quality of life in the elderly. METHODS keyword "Nordic Walking" associated with "elderly" AND/OR "aging" AND/OR "old subjects" AND/OR "aged" AND/OR "older adults" were used in the onlines database(More)
Kidney transplant recipients (KTRs) present with compromised functional capacity, low levels of physical activity, muscle atrophy, and peripheral nerve dysfunction that may result in high postural instability. This study aimed to compare the static balance control of 19 KTRs with 19 healthy adults (HA). All participants completed the Romberg test on a(More)
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