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PURPOSE In an attempt to evaluate the exposure level of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) workers to static magnetic fields, the isotropic magnetic flux density values were integrated over time to produce the cumulative exposure. To protect occupational staff a further precautionary step is proposed by introducing a weighting function incorporating the(More)
PURPOSE The efficient use of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment necessitates establishing adequate quality-control (QC) procedures. In particular, the accuracy of slice thickness (ST) requires scan exploration of phantoms containing test objects (plane, cone or spiral). To simplify such procedures, a novel phantom and a(More)
We present a detailed analysis of the output beam of high-power edge-emitting angled tapered superluminescent LEDs (A-TSLEDs). A device model, including spontaneous and stimulated emission processes as well as the typical nonuniform carrier-density distribution due to current spreading and carrier diffusion, has been developed and used to interpret the(More)
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