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Lactobacillus helveticus MIMLh5 was selected for its strong cinnamoyl esterase activity on chlorogenic acid and employed for the preparation of a food product containing a high concentration of free caffeic acid. The novel food product was demonstrated to display high total antioxidant power and potential probiotic properties.
In the last ten years, CT study of the temporal bone has become, finer and has enriched itself with new projections. The objective of this paper fruit of collaboration between radiologist and otologist, is the search for CT projections, which evidentiate, with the same order and progression, the most important reference points that otologists find in(More)
Radiolucent gallstones frequently contain significant calcium deposits. Their detection is important to select the patients to submit to medical gallstone dissolution. Since CT facilitates the identification of calcifications undetected at conventional radiologic procedures, 60 patients were studied with CT. All of them had US confirmation of cholelithiasis(More)
In the CT study of the lumbosacral spine, the disk spaces must be scanned along a plane which parallels the relative intervertebral disk perfectly. However, the lumbosacral space often happens to be too oblique--i.e., over the possible inclination of the gantry (usually: +/- 25 degrees). Thus, the somatic planes of the spine overlap. Therefore, in a series(More)
The US and CT images of 40 surgical patients with histologically proved gallbladder carcinoma were retrospectively reviewed. The radiologic diagnosis was correct in 22 patients (55%). Gallbladder carcinoma patterns were: an intraluminal mass (type I) (7 patients, 17.5%), focal or diffuse wall thickening (type II) (5 patients, 12.5%) a mass replacing the(More)
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