Fazmah Arif Yulianto

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DDOS attack is very popular used by attacker to disrupt a computer network. The evolution of attack and the increase of vulnerable hosts on the Internet, have made its improvement more varied and difficult to be detected in real time. Today's popular IP protocol development is IPv6. IPv6 provides a new technology including vulnerabilities and allows the(More)
This paper proposes modification of previous audio zero-watermarking, proposed by Chen et. al [1], in terms of its watermark-key generation. We investigate that the size of previous watermark detection key is around two or three times larger than its watermark data. In order to yield an efficient key rather than generating three secret keys, we will exploit(More)
Multi-path is a technique to increase the reliability of the internet connection in IP network. The implementation of this technique can be described as a host with two TCP paths work together, when one of them fails the other will back up the connection. Since TCP does not support multi-homing, the right term for this technique is multi-path. The fairness(More)
Recently the use of QR code for data coding becomes significantly increasing especially for coding identity, health and other specific data. Since some types of data such as identity, health, etc is private data then it needs to be further authenticated. Furthermore, the owner of the identity should be authenticated as well. Therefore, we have to insert(More)
Acquisition data method on Mobile Device Forensics's activity divided into two method: physical and logical extraction where each of these method has their own advantages and disadvantages. On Unrooted Android Device that have limited privilege, Logical Extraction method is used to acquire data on the device. Technique on the Logical Extraction method to(More)
In Real-Time Systems, both logical requirements and temporal constraints must be satisfied. With the assumption that logical correctness of the computation is already not a big issue anymore, this paper surveys existing approaches to reduce computation time. In general, the computation results are available only after all computation elements (or(More)
This paper discussed a proposed method to detect fire with the main focus is to extract the fire features to increase the accuracy and using LBP-TOP feature extraction scheme to accelerate the process. The fire features produced by LBP-TOP was modeled by using dustering K-Means method as the reference model when the classification process was done by using(More)
The one of challenges in VoIP networks development is how to manage network traffics. The reason for the challenge is VoIP traffics have to use Internet networks to bring their messages. Meanwhile, Internet is convergent networks which are very busy, because many applications use the Internet. The implementation of queuing mechanisms which can distinguish(More)
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