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Families of patients suffering from depression have an important role in provision of care to the patients, which also may impose a great amount of stress on them. The purpose of this study was to explore and describe the experiences of the family members of patients suffering from depression on the impact of provision of care to the patients. A qualitative(More)
BACKGROUND Information about web-based education outcomes in comparison with a face-to-face format can help researchers and tutors prepare and deliver future web-based or face-to-face courses more efficiently. The aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of web-based and face-to-face continuing education methods in improving nurses' knowledge(More)
In response to the need for effective tobacco prevention programmes in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the present study sought to determine the major risk factors for initiation of smoking by adolescents. A content analysis with a qualitative approach was conducted through 22 in-depth interviews, 2 focus groups (4 and 6 participants in each group) and 30(More)
The aim of this study was to design a culturally adapted questionnaire for studying quality of life (QOL) among type 1 and 2 adult diabetes patients in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The 41 items on the questionnaire were based on qualitative research and covered general and health-related QOL. In a descriptive survey, 104 patients completed the(More)
We determined the prevalence of smoking among 320 male medical sciences students (174 studying for a medical degree, 95 a bachelor degree and 51 a associate degree) in Semnan, Islamic Republic of Iran. A self-administrated, anonymous questionnaire was used. The prevalence of smoking was 14.4%; 45.6% of the smokers started smoking between the ages of 18 and(More)
We carried out a semi-experimental study with simple randomized sampling to study the effects of applying a continuous care model on the quality of life of 36 spouses of haemodialysis patients in Hamedan, Islamic Republic of Iran. Participants took part in group discussions and training on the continuous care approach and completed the Perceived Quality Of(More)
We conducted this study on 52 adolescents from Tehran to investigate their perspectives on health. We used the grounded theory approach and the constant comparison analysis method. Identity emerged as a core variable along with the concepts of friendship and relationships, education, family, lack of limitation and community. Identity affects adolescents'(More)
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