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Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) is a new type of network paradigm in which each node is communicates to others to enhance network reliability and performance. Multimedia communication in wireless mesh network is a challenging task. The concept of field based routing (FBR) is gaining the popularity because it uses a little information to route the packets.(More)
Multimedia content dissemination is a complex problem because of the multitude of policy types that providers may wish to associate with their content. There have been quite a few efforts at defining security policies and models which can cater to these types of requirements. Usage control models are the new breed of access control models that allow(More)
The security of multimedia systems is becoming extremely important nowadays. The huge growth of multimedia information, in different format with the rise of technology, and services influences the lifestyle of an individual and industry. Despite of recent progress in multimedia information security, accessing the information and online services require(More)
Anycasting is an important service which is used in various networks for its diverse applications. Modeling, optimization and analyzing this important service is an interesting research issue. In this doctoral study we are modeling and analyzing the anycast routing in various networks which includes Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs), Wireless Sensor Networks(More)
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