Fazilet Karakoç

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We analyzed the CFTR locus in 83 Turkish cystic fibrosis patients to identify mutations, haplotypes, and the carrier frequency in the population. We detected 36 different mutations in 125 (75%) of the total 166 CF chromosomes. Seven novel mutations were identified: four missense (K68E, Q493P, E608G, and V1147I), two splice-site (406 -3T > C and 3849 +5G >(More)
Undiagnosed and retained foreign bodies may result in serious complications such as pneumonia, atelectasis, or bronchiectasis. We reviewed a total of 174 children with foreign body aspiration (FBA). Clinical, radiological, and bronchoscopic findings of these patients were evaluated according to the nature of foreign body and elapsed time from aspiration to(More)
BACKGROUND Non-cystic-fibrosis (non-CF) bronchiectasis in childhood is still one of the most common causes of childhood morbidity in developing countries. The management of these patients remains problematic, and there are few studies of long-term outcome. OBJECTIVE The aim of this retrospective study was to define the general characteristics, underlying(More)
BACKGROUND Children with undiagnosed and retained foreign bodies (FBs) may present with persistent respiratory symptoms. Delayed diagnosis is an important problem in developing countries and several factors affect the delay. OBJECTIVES To investigate, the incidence of clinically unsuspected foreign body aspiration (FBA) in our flexible bronchoscopy(More)
OBJECTIVE Foreign body aspiration (FBA) is a serious problem in children. While bronchoscopy should be performed in all patients with aspiration; patients without aspiration should be carefully excluded to avoid an unnecessary bronchoscopy. In this study we analyzed the details of our series, complication rates and compared the diagnostic findings between(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES Snoring during sleep is an important manifestation of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS). Although clinical history is not sufficiently sensitive and specific to distinguish primary snoring from OSAS, snoring is indicative of upper airway obstruction and may be associated with the presence of diurnal symptoms. Our study aims were to(More)
BACKGROUND In this study, our aim was to determine the clinical and bronchoscopic outcome of the endobronchial tuberculosis (ETB). METHODS Patients with suspected tuberculosis (TB) or TB patients with an inadequate response to 8 weeks of antituberculosis treatment were enrolled in the study. RESULTS Seventy patients were included to the study and 118(More)
An association between headache and sleep disturbances has been reported in previous studies, but there is a lack of research examining this relationship in a community sample of children in order to reveal the magnitude of the problem. Among 32 District Educational Directorates in Istanbul, nine school districts and within each district eight schools were(More)
BACKGROUND Persistent wheezing is a common problem in early childhood and leads to a diagnostic dilemma, excessive investigations, drug administration and additional cost. OBJECTIVE To determine the efficacy and the safety of FOB in children with persistent wheezing despite bronchodilator and inhaled steroid therapy. METHODS Patients with persistent(More)
BACKGROUND Cystic fibrosis (CF) patients can be considered as high caries risk patients because they frequently consume sugar-rich food between meals and they have a high intake of sugar containing syrups, aerosols, and salivary flow reducing medication. Variable caries prevalences were reported in CF patients in previous studies. There are no studies(More)