Fazilatur Rahman

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There has been an exponential growth in the volume and variety of information available on the Internet, similarly there has been a significant demand from users' for accurate information that matches their interests, however, the two are often incompatible because of the effectiveness of retrieving the exact information the user requires. This paper(More)
This paper reports specifically on the architectural and design issues associated with the development of web portal that will act as a conceptual platform of online utilities that enable users to collaboratively author and manage cultural resources in the globally distributed environment, featuring a web-based portal with multifaceted interfaces that can(More)
The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, like many other public heath services worldwide, is facing a number of key challenges. Among them are an ageing population and a rising incidence of chronic health conditions. This situation requires a radical re-examination of how people manage their health and their healthcare in ways that challenge the(More)
The theme of this conference is participation: the challenge. We argue that nowhere is this challenge felt more clearly than in healthcare. The aim of this workshop is to reflect on the global health challenge and draw from participants' experiences in participatory design. This workshop will be an opportunity to share our experience and identify common(More)
The United Kingdom's (UK) National Health Service (NHS) was created as part of range of welfare services created in the UK at the end of the Second World War. At that time, the primary demand for healthcare services arose from acute diseases, and the NHS was structured in a way that treated people as compliant patients, whose role was to inform clinicians(More)