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CONTEXT Blumea balsamifera DC (Compositae) leaves have been recommended for use as a folk medicine in the treatment of various diseases related to urolithiasis in southeast Asia. Phytochemical studies of this plant revealed it contains four classes of flavonoids (e.g., flavonols, flavones, flavanones, and dihydroflavonol derivatives). OBJECTIVE In view of(More)
A selective and sensitive reversed-phase (RP) high-performance liquid chromatographic method is developed for the quantitative analysis of five naturally occurring flavonoids of Blumea balsamifera DC, namely dihydroquercetin-7,4'-dimethyl ether (DQDE), blumeatin (BL), quercetin (QN), 5,7,3',5'-tetrahydroxyflavanone (THFE), and dihydroquercetin-4'-methyl(More)
BACKGROUND Citrullus colocynthis is a folk medicinal plan of United Arab Emirates. Several studies on this plant reported and focused on the biological and toxicological profile of fruits pulp. The present study focused on the antioxidant potency of leaf extract of this plant. AIM To evaluate the antioxidant and xanthine oxidase (XO) inhibitory activities(More)
The female genital tract is an extremely rare site for Rhinosporidiosis. Here we described a 13 year old girl who presented with a slow growing polypoid fleshy mass in the posterior vaginal wall near the orifice for 6 months with scanty bleeding from the mass. The girl was admitted to hospital with profuse watery vaginal discharge. Excision of the mass was(More)
The leaves of Blumea balsamifera are used as a folk medicine in kidney stone diseases in South-East Asia. Phytochemical investigation revealed leaves contained a number of flavonoids. In view of these, the present work was aimed to quantify and preliminary pharmacokinetic investigation of five flavonoids viz. dihydroquercetin-7,4¢-dimethyl ether (I),(More)
Thirty nine brands of pharmaceutical dosage forms (28 tablets, 4 syrups, 6 suspensions and one chewing gum) that are available in United Arab Emirates pharmaceutical markets were investigated for the presence of three heavy metals; lead, cadmium and nickel. Amongst the samples, 13 products were manufactured locally in United Arab Emirates and 26 products(More)
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