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The clinical effectiveness of glibenclamide and chlorpropamide was compared in 107, uncomplicated, newly diagnosed maturity onset diabetics. The glibenclamide and chlorpropamide groups comprised of 49 and 58 patients respectively and were highly comparable. After a follow up period ranging from 6 months to 2-1/2 years, the failure rate in glibenclamide(More)
A polysaccharide-peptidoglycan complex containing different phosphorylated sugars from Micrococcus lysodeikticus cell wall has been isolated and purified. The peptidoglycan contained muramic acid 6-phosphate and N-acetylglucosamine 6-phosphate as phosphorylated sugars in addition to other sugar residues. Mild acid hydrolysis of the peptidoglycan and(More)
A fragment of Micrococcus lysodeikticus cell wall was obtained by extraction of walls with water, dimethylformamide or dimethyl sulfoxide. The water-soluble polymer was obtained from the cell walls prepared either with or without trypsin treatment of the cell. This fragment was studied by the Smith periodate oxidation, methylation, mild acid treatment and(More)
One hundred and one patients (51 females and 50 males), presenting with unexplained hepatomegaly were investigated. The histological findings on liver biopsy included normal architecture (36), changes of viral hepatitis (5), round cell infiltration in portal tract (10), fatty changes (14), hepatic malignancy (8), biliary disease (3), infections of the liver(More)
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