Fayssal Bendaoud

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This paper focuses on an essential task of the enhanced NodeB eNodeB element in LTE architecture, the Radio Resource Manager RRM, which aims to accept or reject requests for connection to the network based on some constraints and ensuring optimal distribution of radio resources between Users Equipments UEs. Its main functionalities include Admission Control(More)
Dans cet article nous nous intéressons à une tâche importante de l'eNodeB dans l'architecture des réseaux LTE, c'est le RRM (Radio Resource Management) son objectif est d'accepter ou de rejeter les demandes de connexion au réseau, en assurant une distribution optimale des ressources radio entre les UEs (Users Equipements). Il est constitué principalement de(More)
Heterogeneous Wireless Networks HWNs are combined networks made of different Radio Access Technologies RATs aiming to achieve the ABC (Always Best Connected) concept. In this context, users with multi interface terminal can connect to different wireless technologies such as 802.16, 802.11, UMTS, HSPA and LTE in the same time. The main issue of HWNs is the(More)
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