Faying Yang

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The ability of very low birth weight (VLBW) premature infants to respond differentially to real versus a sham heelstick conditions was examined in this crossover study. Using a multidimensional assessment of responses of premature infants (n = 48) between 26 and 31 weeks gestational age (GA) at the time of the study, it was found that they respond(More)
Twenty-eight preterm infants of 28 weeks gestational age were observed four times over eight weeks in order to determine changes in their pain response. Both routine and sham heelstick procedures were used. Physiological (heart rate and oxygen saturations) and behavioural parameters (three upper facial actions) were used as outcomes. The responses to real(More)
glands gently by lens body, using holmium laser blasting to peel glands, and abandon conventional mirror peeling method; (IV) if bleeding is encountered, the laser fibre can be defocused slightly from the bleeding point to achieve haemostasis; (V) we crushed glands vacantly with the status of bladder filling. The reason why postoperative urinary(More)
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