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In this paper, a new Arabic connectionist speech recognition system is presented. This recognition system is based on the combination of the fuzzy integral and measure theory [1] and Hidden Markov Model (HMM) [2] using the CSLU toolkit. The CSLU toolkit [3] is a research and development software environment that provides a powerful and flexible tool for(More)
Security support is mandatory for any communication networks. For wireless systems, security support is even more important to protect the users as well as the network. Since wireless medium is available to all, the attackers can easily access the network and the network becomes more vulnerable for the user and the network service provider. Worldwide(More)
Real-time services such as VoIP are becoming popular and are major revenue earners for network service providers. These services are no longer confined to the wired domain and are being extended over wireless networks. Although some of the existing wireless technologies can support some low-bandwidth applications, the bandwidth demands of many multimedia(More)
This paper presents a software radio based receiver architecture for identification of Linear, bi-dimensional modulation techniques via clustering algorithms. Identification of digital modulation schemes is of great importance in 3G and 4G cellular mobile systems, and it can be well presented as a pattern recognition problem with the use of vector space(More)
As a promising broadband wireless technology, WiMax has many salient advantages over such as: high data rates, quality of service, scalability, security, and mobility. Many sophisticated authentication and encryption techniques have been embedded into WiMax but it still exposes to various attacks in. In this paper, three proposed chaos encryption techniques(More)