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Since pharmaceutical exposures to perchlorate are known to suppress thyroid function in patients with hyperthyroidism, a study of employees at a perchlorate manufacturing plant was conducted to assess whether occupational exposure to perchlorate suppresses thyroid function. Exposure to perchlorate was assessed by measurement of ambient air concentrations of(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of perchlorate in drinking water on neonatal blood thyroid-stimulating hormone (thyrotropin; TSH) levels was examined for Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. METHODS The neonatal blood TSH levels in Las Vegas (with up to 15 microg/L (ppb) perchlorate in drinking water) and in Reno (with no perchlorate detected in the drinking water) from(More)
Environmental contamination of drinking water has been observed for perchlorate, a chemical able to affect thyroid function. This study examines whether that exposure affected the thyroid function of newborns. Neonatal blood thyroxine (T4) levels for days 1 to 4 of life were compared for newborns from the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, which has perchlorate in(More)
Perchlorate is well-known to inhibit the uptake of iodine by the thyroid and has been shown to do so at doses in the milligrams-per-day range and higher. Perchlorate has been found in the water supply of Clark County (Las Vegas), Nevada, at 4 to 24 micrograms/L (parts per billion) and may provide exposure dosages in the tens of micrograms per day. An(More)
Fetal thrombotic vasculopathy (FTV) is a thrombo-occlusive disorder of the placenta that has been reported in association with perinatal conditions such as cardiac abnormalities, neurological injury, and perinatal liver disease. These complications are related to fetal circulation vascular compromise. We herein report a previously undocumented association(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the effective method in treating infantile chronic aplastic anemia (ICAA) by using traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). METHODS Seventy-eight cases of ICAA were observed, 48 of them were treated with Tiaoxue Yisui recipe (treated group), 30 cases were treated with SSL regimen (control group). RESULTS The remission rate and total(More)
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