Faye Ginsburg

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By STANLEY GINSBURG, JAMES G. Sxirni, FREEMAN M. GINSBURG, JACQUELINE Z. REARDON AND JERIIY K. AIKAWA T HE CURRENT PAUCITY of information concerning magnesium metabolism in erythrocytes is due in part to the lack of a reliable method for determining magnesium in red cells, and in part to the fact that a radioactive isotope of magnesium suitable for tracer(More)
The topic of human reproduction encompasses events throughout the human and especially female life-cycle as well as ideas and practices surrounding fertility, birth, and child care. Most of the scholarship on the subject, up through the 1960s, was based on cross-cultural surveys focused on the beliefs, norms, and values surrounding reproductive behaviors.(More)
The US debate over the ethics of abortion is the context for this discussion of problems in reporting the results of research when the topic is a controversial social movement on which the researcher and members of the academic community hold strong personal views. The author worked with local right-to-life and prochoice activists in Fargo, North Dakota,(More)
A major contribution of anthropological work has been to challenge a unitary theory of the human. In this American Anthropologist vital topics forum, a range of prominent anthropologists contribute to this challenge and provide musings on the human. The essays in this forum reflect diversity and unity of anthropological thought on human nature. Some note(More)
Our article draws on one aspect of our multi-sited long-term ethnographic research in New York City on cultural innovation and Learning Disabilities (LD). We focus on our efforts to help create two innovative transition programs that also became sites for our study when we discovered that young adults with disabilities were too often "transitioning to(More)
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