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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to identify relationships between demographic factors, psychosocial characteristics, and medication compliance rates in older patients receiving hemodialysis and to determine the effectiveness of a teaching program on medication-taking behavior. DESIGN A descriptive correlational study design was used. (More)
The Intelligent Dosing System (IDS, Dimensional Dosing Systems, Inc., Wexford, PA) is a software suite that incorporates patient-specific, dose-response data in a mathematical model, and then calculates the new dose of agent needed to achieve the next desired therapeutic goal. We evaluated use of the IDS for titrating insulin therapy. The IDS was placed on(More)
Although research has shown that proper management of diabetes can improve outcomes, glucose control is worsening. This partly reflects the failure of providers to intensify diabetes therapy when indicated, termed clinical inertia. Our intervention used (a) decision support reminders which provided patient specific recommendations for management at each(More)
OBJECTIVE Data about the effect of unilateral or bilateral cleft lip and palate (CLP) on speech quality are inconsistent. In this study we firstly quantify the intelligibility of children with unilateral and bilateral CLP objectively by means of automatic speech recognition system (ASR). METHODS Speech data of 72 German speaking children (8.7+/-3.0 years)(More)
The 20.8 million Americans with diabetes are at risk of amputation, kidney failure, blindness, and death which could be decreased if glucose control were better. Patients need motivation and empowerment to perform the daily management of diabetes. We are using informatics to help them organize their questions for providers and to generate "road maps" of(More)
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