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In an effort to distinguish the appearance of generalized uterine adenomyosis from leiomyoma, a retrospective study was performed on 80 patients who had preoperative uterine sonography. A diagnosis of adenomyosis (eight patients) was suggested if the uterus was diffusely enlarged, but the myometrial texture, contour, and central cavity echoes were each(More)
OBJECTIVES A panel of 14 physicians practicing medicine in the United States with expertise in radiology, obstetrics and gynecology, gynecologic oncology, hysteroscopy, epidemiology, and pathology was convened by the Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound to discuss the role of sonography in women with postmenopausal bleeding. Broad objectives of this(More)
PURPOSE To determine the gray-scale and Doppler sonographic features that best enable discrimination between malignant and benign ovarian masses and develop a scoring system for accurate diagnosis with these features. MATERIALS AND METHODS Gray-scale and Doppler sonographic features of 211 adnexal masses were correlated with the final diagnosis; the most(More)
The sonographic features were reviewed in 30 cases of testicular trauma. Sonography correctly diagnosed testicular rupture in 12 surgically proven cases. Two additional cases of testicular rupture were diagnosed by sonography in patients who refused surgery. One false-positive diagnosis occurred in a patient with a large scrotal hematoma. There were no(More)
Sonographic findings were analyzed in 19 patients with surgically proved gangrenous cholecystitis. In 8 patients (42%), there were no specific features that would allow differentiation from typical uncomplicated acute cholecystitis. However, in 11 patients (58%) atypical findings were present, including intraluminal membranes and/or marked irregularities of(More)
Of 19 patients with blunt testicular trauma diagnosed and staged correctly by physical examination and ultrasonography 10 were explored surgically and 9 were managed nonoperatively (treatment was supported by ultrasonography). Fractured testicles occurred in 5 of the 10 explored patients and were repaired surgically, and in 2 of the 9 conservatively managed(More)
Two hundred and fifty consecutive patients with suspected appendicitis were examined with graded compression sonography. The initial diagnostic criterion for appendicitis was visualization of a noncompressible appendix; this was later modified to include the dimensions of the visualized appendix. The appendix was visualized in 91 of 250 patients (36%). Five(More)
The sonographic diagnosis of appendicitis can be challenging in patients with perforation. In order to detect the accuracy of specific sonographic features of appendiceal perforation, graded compression sonograms in 100 patients with surgically confirmed acute appendicitis were reviewed retrospectively. Twenty-two of these patients had perforation. A(More)
To define the role of ultrasound in evaluating acute right upper quadrant pain, a prospective study was performed on 52 patients having clinically suspected acute cholecystitis. Ultrasonographic determination of acute or chronic cholecystitis, or diagnosis of a normal gallbladder, was based on analysis of location of tenderness, calculi, sludge, and wall(More)