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Sperm conjugation occurs when two or more sperm physically unite for motility or transport through the female reproductive tract. In many muroid rodent species, sperm conjugates have been shown to form by a single, conspicuous apical hook located on the sperm head. These sperm "trains" have been reported to be highly variable in size and, despite all the(More)
Child psychiatric disorder has been found to be linked to enhanced primary care attendance. We studied the somatic and psychological associations of psychiatric disorder amongst frequent (four or more consultations a year) primary care attending school children. We compared 32 children aged 7-12 years with a psychiatric disorder with 77 non-disordered (also(More)
BACKGROUND Psychiatric disorder in schoolchildren has been linked to increased general practice attendance rates. This increase may, in part, be a result of maternal stress focused on the disturbed child, and of a decrease in confidence in parenting. AIM A study was undertaken to pilot the feasibility of a single session, psychiatric intervention in(More)
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