Faye A Springer

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A suicide committed with a power saw is an uncommonly reported incident: and the use of a chain saw in particular has been extremely rare. We report two cases of suicide that were committed by using chain saws. In each case the victim had a history of depression or of a prior suicide attempt, and applied the chain saw to his neck to kill himself. We(More)
The discrimination of noncolored transparent polyethylene bags was studied by several nondestructive and semidestructive analytical methods. X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy, and optical microscopy (differential interference contrast microscopy and phase contrast microscopy) were applied to polyethylene films. X-ray diffraction was used to(More)
Bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA) provides significant evidentiary value in crime scene interpretation and reconstruction. In this work, we develop a quantitative methodology using digital image analysis techniques to differentiate impact bloodstain patterns. The bloodstain patterns were digitally imaged and analyzed using image analysis algorithms. Our(More)
Hair evidence is frequently encountered in criminal investigations because hairs are readily lost from both victims and suspects during criminal activity. Hairs are easily transferred, easily detected and recovered, and are very durable. Most importantly, hair evidence can supply investigative leads and provide a direct association between the crime and the(More)
In crime scene reconstruction, it is often necessary to differentiate "contact transfer" and "spatter" bloodstain patterns found on clothing. Current methodologies, however, are qualitative and prone to context bias. In this work, we demonstrate that microscopic inspection of the stain orientations provides a quantitative differentiation of bloodstains(More)
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