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Public deliberation, discursive participation, and citizen engagement: A review of the empirical literature
▪ Abstract Many theorists have long extolled the virtues of public deliberation as a crucial component of a responsive and responsible democracy. Building on these theories, in recent yearsExpand
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The Influence of Partisan Motivated Reasoning on Public Opinion
Political parties play a vital role in democracies by linking citizens to their representatives. Nonetheless, a longstanding concern is that partisan identification slants decision-making. CitizensExpand
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How Frames Can Undermine Support for Scientific Adaptations: Politicization and the Status-Quo Bias
The politicization of science is a phenomenon that has sparked a great deal of attention in recent years. Nonetheless, few studies directly explore the implications of how frames that highlight itsExpand
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Citizens’, Scientists’, and Policy Advisors’ Beliefs about Global Warming
Numerous factors shape citizens’ beliefs about global warming, but there is very little research that compares the views of the public with key actors in the policymaking process. We analyze dataExpand
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Agenda Setting and the Rise and Fall of Policy Issues: The Case of Criminal Victimization of the Elderly
In nearly all studies of federal agenda-setting processes, the focus is on how issues achieve prominence on policy agendas. Seldom dealt with is how some of those issues then disappear, without anyExpand
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Communication and Collective Actions: A Survey Experiment on Motivating Energy Conservation in the U.S.
When do citizens take action to benefit the public good, even when individual benefits are scant or non-existent? We address this question with a focus on an area of critical importance when it comesExpand
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