Fayçal Touazi

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OATAO is an open access repository that collects the work of Toulouse researchers and makes it freely available over the web where possible. Abstract. CP-nets (Conditional preference networks) are a well-known compact graphical representation of preferences in Artificial Intelligence, that can be viewed as a qualitative counterpart to Bayesian nets. In case(More)
This paper advocates possibilistic logic with partially ordered priority weights as a powerful representation format for handling preferences. An important benefit of such a logical setting is the ability to check the consistency of the specified preferences. We recall how Qualitative Choice Logic statements (and related ones), as well as CP-nets(More)
Dans ce rapport nous nous intéressons aux relations d'ordre (pré-ordre) en général et spé-cifiquement aux relations d'ordre partiel, en relation avec la représentation des connaissances incertaines ou des préférences, en vue de généraliser la logique possibiliste et les formalismes similaires à des bases partiellement ordonnées. Nous nous intéressons plus(More)
This paper studies the extension of possibilistic logic to the case when weights attached to formulas are symbolic and stand for variables that lie in a totally ordered scale, and only partial knowledge is available on the relative strength of these weights. A proof of the soundness and the completeness of this logic according to the relative certainty(More)
This note corrects a claim made in the above-mentioned paper about the exact representation of a conditional preference network by means of a possibilistic logic base with partially ordered symbolic weights. We provide a counter-example that shows that the possibilistic logic representation is indeed not always exact. This is the basis of a short discussion(More)