Fayçal Bessayah

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Fault injection is a powerful strategy to test security protocols and fault-tolerant systems. The first step in building a complete fault injection process is the specification of a fault scenario for the test experiment. This includes the specification of the fault injector location and the type and time of injected faults. However, the existing fault(More)
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a promising paradigm for developing distributed systems. It offers flexibility, dynamism and interoperability. Robustness is the dependability attribute which measures the degree to which a system operates correctly even in the presence of stressful environmental conditions or exceptional inputs, such as faults. Web(More)
The Web Services and service-based systems gained extreme popularity in the recent years. While various testing frameworks exist for web services, they mostly cover unit testing and do not take into account the complete architecture built with service compositions. In our research we start from a high level system model expressed with SOA Logical(More)
Increasing complexity and distribution of current software systems lead to new and more complex behavioral constraints. Consequently, testing if a given system fulfills its functional requirements becomes more crucial than ever and necessitates more powerful test oracles. In this paper, we focus on temporal requirements of critical systems. We propose a(More)
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