Fawziyah Hussain

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Adenovirus (Ad) serotype 5 (Ad5) fiber competitively binds to the coxsackievirus and Ad receptor (CAR) to attach Ad5 to target cells and also disrupts cell junctions and facilitates virus escape at a late stage in Ad5 infection. Here we demonstrate that paracellular permeability in MCF7 and CAR overexpressing MCF7 (FLCARMCF7) cells is increased within(More)
To metastasize distant organs, tumor cells and endothelial cells lining the blood vessels must crosstalk. The nature of this communication that allows metastatic cells to intravasate and travel through the circulation and to extravasate to colonize different organs is poorly understood. In this study, we evaluated one of the first steps in this process—the(More)
Cytosolic Ca2+ ([Ca2+]cyt) is important in the regulation of several cellular functions involved in metastasis. We hypothesize that distinct [Ca2+]cyt regulation explains the acquisition of a more metastatic phenotype. To test this hypothesis, we used highly and lowly metastatic human melanoma cells and [Ca2+]cyt was monitored using Fura—2AM and(More)
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