Fawzi Mohammad Alsheyab

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Chlamydophila abortus (Ch. abortus) is the etiological agent of ovine enzootic abortion (OEA) and one of the most common infectious agents of abortion in small ruminants worldwide. RFLP-PCR analysis of the outer membrane protein gene (OMP2 gene) was used for diagnosis and characterization of chlamydial causes of abortion in small ruminants in Jordan.(More)
BACKGROUND Resistance of breast cancer cells to the available chemotherapeutics is a major obstacle to successful treatment. Recent studies have shown that magnetic nanoparticles might have significant application in different medical fields including cancer treatment. The goal of this study is to verify the ability of magnetic nanoparticles to sensitize(More)
Many pathogenic free living and biofilm forming bacterial organisms can cause serious infections to humans that could consequently have devastating effects on human health. A significant number of these microbial organisms are resistant to almost all known conventional antibiotics and the ability of some these strains to form sessile communities of biofilms(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the expression of p21 and p27 factors in gallbladder cancer (GBC), and to correlate their expression with clinicopathological parameters: age, gender, stage, invasion, and grade. METHODS Thirty-two surgically resected specimens were collected between 1994-2001 from different health centers in north Jordan. Tissues belong to 25(More)
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