Fawzi Hasan Altaany

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—Image interpolation has been used spaciously by customary interpolation techniques. Recently, Kriging technique has been widely implemented in simulation area and geostatistics for prediction. In this article, Kriging technique was used instead of the classical interpolation methods to predict the unknown points in the digital image array. The efficiency(More)
E-government transition is not akin to a simple introduction of information technology as it involves a significant change in the ways and methods of administrative operations which translate to major business process modification. E-government has a significant impact on the performance of public sector as a result continuous growth has been seen in the(More)
This study aimed to identify the concept of e-government which enables the availability of services to Jordanian, to identify the requirements of application of e-government, and the problems faced at the local level and thus to identify user satisfaction with e-government in Jordan A questionnaire was adjusted and structured base on previous study and(More)
The aim of this study is to investigate the style of Facebook usage between undergraduate students and the impact on their academics performance. Also, this paper was evaluated in the view of student the using of Facebook. A questioner was design for collecting data from a sample of 480 undergraduate students in Irbid National University. The survey(More)
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