Fawwaz Alaloul

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INTRODUCTION Heart failure is a major public health issue and a growing concern in developing countries, including Saudi Arabia. Most related research was conducted in Western cultures and may have limited applicability for individuals in Saudi Arabia. Thus, this study assesses the quality of life of Saudi patients with heart failure. MATERIALS & METHODS(More)
Pain is a common complaint among hospitalized patients no matter the diagnosis. Pain has a negative effect on many aspects of a patient's life, including quality of life, sleep, and activities of daily living as well as increased health care expenses. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of an intervention (script-based communication, use(More)
BACKGROUND A cancer diagnosis and treatment can be a stressful, life-altering experience that can pose a threat to life and raise existential challenges. Spirituality may influence the process of coping with the stress of the cancer experience. Studies of the role of spirituality for Muslim cancer patients and survivors are limited. OBJECTIVE The aim of(More)
The aims of this study were to determine if quality of life (QOL) among Arab Muslim hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) survivors differs from that of a healthy matched comparison group and to examine the relationships of demographic and medical variables and perceived social support with post-HSCT QOL. HSCT survivors (n = 63) were recruited from(More)
The health care team identified the causes of health care-associated infections (HAI) and developed interventions in a pediatric intensive care unit in Gaza. A quasi-experimental pretest-posttest design was used. All 26 full-time staff members in the pediatric intensive care unit participated. The HAI rate decreased significantly from the first to the(More)
PURPOSE To determine if findings from our preliminary study related to patient and nursing satisfaction with a pain management intervention could be replicated in a changed environment, and if contextual factors could impact the effectiveness of a pain management intervention on patient satisfaction with nursing staff's management of pain. METHODS A(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the relationships of demographic characteristics, medical variables and perceived social support with quality of life (QOL) in Arab patients with heart failure. A cross-sectional study was conducted to identify factors associated with QOL in Arab patients with heart failure. Participants with heart failure (N = 99) were(More)
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