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Planar cell polarization represents the ability of cells to orient within the plane of a tissue orthogonal to the apical basal axis. The proper polarized function of multiciliated cells requires the coordination of cilia spacing and cilia polarity as well as the timing of cilia beating during metachronal synchrony. The planar cell polarity pathway and(More)
Planar cell polarity (PCP) is a property of epithelial tissues where cellular structures coordinately orient along a two-dimensional plane lying orthogonal to the axis of apical-basal polarity. PCP is particularly striking in tissues where multiciliate cells generate a directed fluid flow, as seen, for example, in the ciliated epithelia lining the(More)
The equilibrium configuration of a nonwetted three fluid system takes the form of a floating liquid lens, where the lens resides between an upper and lower phase. The axisymmetric profiles of the three interfaces can be computed by solving the nonlinear Young-Laplace differential equation for each interface with coupled boundary conditions at the contact(More)
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