Fawaz Alsaade

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This paper presents an investigation into the effects, on the accuracy of multimodal biometrics, of introducing unconstrained cohort normalisation (UCN) into the score-level fusion process. Whilst score normalisation has been widely used in voice biometrics, its effectiveness in other biometrics has not been previously investigated. This study aims to(More)
This paper proposes an approach to enhancing the accuracy of multimodal biometrics in uncontrolled environments. Variation in operating conditions results in mismatch between the training and test material, and thereby affects the biometric authentication performance regardless of this being unimodal or multimodal. The paper proposes a technique to reduce(More)
Surveillance and safety is immensely important in general, while explicitly in case of critical applications, such as oil carrying pipelines from wells to refinery and then to the sea ports for further transportation. Surveillance and safety systems with different combinations already has been proposed for critical infrastructures to make them safe and(More)
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