Fawaz Al Hazemi

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Energy efficiency is always a concern in hosting servers. When any new development is added to a host server, the power consumption of the host server must be theoretically and empirically re-evaluated. Because of the ongoing development trends in computing systems at the hardware, software and middleware levels, deriving a direct mathematical model for(More)
As science technology grows, medical application is becoming more complex to solve the physiological problems within expected time. Workflow management systems (WMS) in Grid computing are promising solution to solve the sophisticated problem such as genomic analysis, drug discovery, disease identification, etc. Although existing WMS can provide basic(More)
Chronic disease is linked to patient's' lifestyle. Therefore, doctor has to monitor his/her patient over time. This may involve reviewing many reports, finding any changes, and modifying several treatments. One solution to optimize the burden is using a visualizing tool over time such as a timeline based visualization tool where all reports and medicine are(More)
As cloud computing models have evolved from clusters to large-scale data centers, reducing the energy consumption, which is a large part of the overall operating expense of data centers, has receivedmuch attention lately. From a cluster-level viewpoint, the most popular method for an energy efficient cloud is Dynamic Right Sizing (DRS), which turns off idle(More)
CMIMO is an effective approach to increase throughput and energy efficiency through the collaboration of individual antennas working together as a virtual multi-antenna system. Several CMIMO strategies have been propounded as major candidates for achieving green communications in wireless sensor networks. Compared to conventional MIMO, CMIMO provides(More)
For more than a decade, the power consumption of data centers has been addressed from different perspectives. Many solutions have been proposed to reduce (or optimize) this power consumption, such as controlling the operation of the servers in data centers. However, these approaches have not yet reached their optimum goals. Existing power control solutions(More)