Fawad Nazir

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In Mobile Social Networks (MSN) individuals with similar interests or commonalities connect to each other using the mobile phones. MSN are special kind of Ad-hoc Networks in which wireless connectivity (i.e. encounters and re-encounters) with social peers is predictable. Most of the recent research proposes routing framework to exploit these predictable(More)
In Mobile Social Networks(MSN) individuals with similar interests or commonalities, connect to each other using the mobile phones. Validation of protocols for these networks relies almost exclusively on simulations. Thus a simulation using a mobility model that captures the behaviour of nodes in the real world is needed. The current simulations techniques(More)
End-to-end fault and performance problems detection in wide area production networks is becoming increasingly hard as the complexity of the paths, the diversity of the performance, and dependency on the network increase. Several monitoring infrastructures are built to monitor different network metrics and collect monitoring information from thousands of(More)
Knowledge of the up-to-date network topology (i.e. Layer 2 & Layer 3) is crucial for efficient network management. Issues like congestion avoidance, resource management, resource discovery, root-cause analysis and event correlation require accurate information of the topology map. Due to dynamic nature of today’s IP networks, keeping track of topology(More)