Fauzias Mat Nor

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We present a method to automatically analyze financial statements for the purpose of recognizing and extracting relevant financial indicators together with its values and its related narratives. We employ a rule-based approach to solve the problem of syntactical and morphological variations contained within the financial text. The information was extracted(More)
The graphical text representation method such as Conceptual Graphs (CGs) attempts to capture the structure and semantics of documents. As such, they are the preferred text representation approach for a wide range of problems namely in natural language processing, information retrieval and text mining. In a number of these applications, it is necessary to(More)
The rapid increase in the amount of textual data has brought forward a growing research interest towards mining text to detect deviations. Specialized methods for specific domains have emerged to satisfy various needs in discovering rare patterns in text. This paper focuses on a graph-based approach for text representation and presents a novel error(More)
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