Fauziah Binti Sheikh Ahmad

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Students’ learning styles have been ignored and have been considered as an insignifi cant component in the learning process (Rita Dunn, 1993). Dunn said that lecturers cannot identify student’s styles without using a multidimensional instrument. Lecturers are not aware of their own learning styles and their learning style preferences may differ from that of(More)
The popularity of social media has invited questions about how and why people use Facebook. With its ability to allow users to post or change their content, Facebook has emerged as the most pervasive and the most personal of the new media. It has generated questions about the factors that influence users to adopt or reject it and about the their level of(More)
Organization has always placed emphasis on the publics who would determine its life span. In the context of higher education institution, graduates are the main public whereby their marketability is the key measurement of a university’s effort in the human resources development. Hon & Grunig (1999) identify two types of organizational relationship from(More)
People often expressed contrasting and ambivalent ideas and feelings about their incorporation in a society; on the one hand, everyone is an equal member of a society; but on the other hand, some members express indifference towards this notion. This research will focus on how Malaysian young people make sense of these seemingly contradictory ideas and(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate the efficacy of Counselling and Advisory Care for Health (COACH) programme in managing dyslipidaemia among primary care practices in Malaysia. This open-label, parallel, randomised controlled trial compared the COACH programme delivered by primary care physicians alone (PCP arm) and primary care physicians assisted by nurse educators(More)
Not many people realize that the mass media carry two significant values in their content. One is the value of arts that very much represents the subjective thoughts; and the other is the value of science, which emphasizes precision, accuracy and accountability. Both values reside in the content of the mass media that very much become a precursor and(More)
Recently, the number of people who look for car insurance is growing rapidly since having car insurance contract for drivers and car owners is compulsory in many areas around the world. Moreover, the high quality service in this specific industry has become an essential issue for company management bodies because by serving high service quality and having(More)
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