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RATIONALE Stable carbon isotope ratios of dissolved inorganic (DIC) and organic carbon (DOC) are of particular interest in aquatic geochemistry. The precision for this type of analysis is typically reported in the range of 0.1‰ to 0.5‰. However, there is no published attempt that compares δ(13)C measurements of DIC and DOC among different laboratories for(More)
Ž . Thermal and cold waters from Castellammare–Alcamo Western Sicily-Italy were collected between May 1994 and May 1995 and studied for their chemical and isotopic composition. During the same period, mean monthly samples of meteoric water were also collected and measured for their isotopic composition. The main purpose of this study was the(More)
The paper discusses the correlation between the heating of shallow groundwater over a 10× 20 km wide area close to the town of Nizza Monferrato (Piemonte Region, Northern Italy) and the concomitant local seismic sequences during the period August 2000 – July 2001. The first seismic sequence started on 21 August 2000 with a Ml = 5.2 earthquake. Within few(More)
Furnas volcano, in São Miguel island (Azores), being the surface expression of rising hydrothermal steam, is the site of intense carbon dioxide (CO2) release by diffuse degassing and fumaroles. While the diffusive CO2 output has long (since the early 1990s) been characterized by soil CO2 surveys, no information is presently available on the fumarolic CO2(More)
A continuous-flow GC/IRMS technique has been developed to analyse delta(15)N values for molecular nitrogen in gas samples. This method provides reliable results with accuracy better than 0.15 per thousand and reproducibility (1sigma) within+/-0.1 per thousand for volumes of N(2) between 1.35 (about 56 nmol) and 48.9 muL (about 2 mumol). The method was(More)
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