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The paper discusses the correlation between the heating of shallow groundwater over a 10 × 20 km wide area close to the town of Nizza Monferrato (Piemonte Region, Northern Italy) and the concomitant local seismic sequences during the period August 2000 – July 2001. The first seismic sequence started on 21 August 2000 with a M l = 5.2 earthquake. Within few(More)
Acknowledgement First of all, I want to thank my supervisors Prof. Francesco Italiano and Dipl.-Geoökol. Mandy Schipek for their great support during the preparation and the realization of the field investigations. Additionally, a special gratitude for all discussions and the invaluable feedback concerning the experimental work and also during the writing(More)
Furnas volcano, in São Miguel island (Azores), being the surface expression of rising hydrothermal steam, is the site of intense carbon dioxide (CO 2) release by diffuse degassing and fumaroles. While the diffusive CO 2 output has long (since the early 1990s) been characterized by soil CO 2 surveys, no information is presently available on the fumarolic CO(More)
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