Fausto Espinal

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Texture measures offer a means of detecting targets in background clutter that has similar spectral characteristics. Our previous studies demonstrated that the ''fractal signature'' (a feature set based on the fractal surface area function) is very accurate and robust for gray-scale texture classification. This paper introduces a new multichannel texture(More)
The theory of elasticity describes the behavior of deformable materials when these are subjected to external forces. It describes the motion of the elements composing the body. A set of ordinary differential equations model the behavior of such a physical system. By discretizing the solution domain, it is possible to come up with an efficient computer(More)
Spherical environment maps capture all of the light visible from a given point in space. From such a representation it is possible to render any perspective view along any direction from a xed eye position located at the center of the sphere. In this paper this idea is extended to allow for eye movement within a bounded region of space. A novel method for(More)
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