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INTRODUCTION Jatropha gossypifolia has been used quite extensively by traditional medicine for the treatment of several diseases in South America and Africa. This medicinal plant has therapeutic potential as a phytomedicine and therefore the establishment of innovative analytical methods to characterise their active components is crucial to the future(More)
Amino acids play essential roles in both metabolism and the proteome. Many studies have profiled free amino acids (FAAs) or proteins; however, few have connected the measurement of FAA with individual amino acids in the proteome. In this study, we developed a metabolomics method to comprehensively analyze amino acids in different domains, using two examples(More)
A major challenge in metabolomic studies is how to extract and analyze an entire metabolome. So far, no single method was able to clearly complete this task in an efficient and reproducible way. In this work we proposed a sequential strategy for the extraction and chromatographic separation of metabolites from leaves Jatropha gossypifolia using a design of(More)
Fluorescence, the absorption of short-wavelength electromagnetic radiation reemitted at longer wavelengths, has been suggested to play several biological roles in metazoans. This phenomenon is uncommon in tetrapods, being restricted mostly to parrots and marine turtles. We report fluorescence in amphibians, in the tree frog Hypsiboas punctatus, showing that(More)
The interpretation of large datasets acquired using high performance liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry represents one of the major challenges in natural products research. Here we propose the use of molecular networking to rapid identify the known secondary metabolites from untargeted MS/MS analysis of Adenocalymma(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Vismia guianensis (Aubl.) Pers. is traditionally used in North and Northeast of Brazil for the treatment of dermatomycoses. Since the strategy associating immunomodulators with antifungal drugs seems to be promissory to improve the treatment efficacy in fungal infections, we aimed to investigate the antifungal activity of V.(More)
Dereplication based on hyphenated techniques has been extensively applied in plant metabolomics, thereby avoiding re-isolation of known natural products. However, due to the complex nature of biological samples and their large concentration range, dereplication requires the use of chemometric tools to comprehensively extract information from the acquired(More)
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