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The recent requirement for increased speed in the design and manufacturing of new products led to a rapid evolution of the technics for fast production (rapid proto-typing, machining at high speed, etc.). But a significant component did not follow this evolution, that is the dimensional and functional checking process, which is most of the time carried out(More)
A coffee-fruit (cherry) image segmentation system that uses a fuzzy active contour approach is presented. Images processed contain only fruits at any ripeness stage, which are detected processing the clusters given by the fuzzy c-means algorithm, applied to the RGB color space. The segmentation is performed using a fuzzy active contour procedure, composed(More)
The power law distribution is usually used to fit data in the upper tail of the distribution. However, commonly it is not valid to model data in all the range. In this paper, we present a new family of distributions , the so-called Generalized Power Law (GPL), which can be useful for modeling data in all the range and possess power law tails. To do that, we(More)
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