Faustino Obeso

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Hot rolling products are under an increasing demand of better quality features as thickness profile, strip width and flatness, and material mechanical properties. The project goal is the improvement of the production quality in an existing hot rolling mill at Aceralia Steel Corporation. In this paper the design and implementation of a supervisory system for(More)
Steel processes are often of a complex nature and difficult to model. All information that we have at hand usually consists of more or less precise models of different parts of the process, some rules obtained on the basis of experience, and typically a great amount of high-dimensional data coming from numerous sensors and variables of process computers(More)
the usefulness of the thermographic analysis in the design of a detection system for longitudinal defects in coils manufactured by a tandem cold mill. The approach started with a first phase devoted to the development of a computer system for the acquisition of high resolution thermal maps of the whole strip. In the second phase the thermal maps are(More)
In the framework of SOM methodology for process and system analysis, we suggest a method for identifying regions in the SOM visualization space corresponding to different conditions of a monitored process by means of a fuzzy rule system, as a way of incorporating expert knowledge to this methodology.