Fausta Ongaro

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Longevity is a complex process resulting from genetic and environmental factors, as well as their interaction. These factors are poorly understood, and the comparison among health status, socio-economics, demographic and other characteristics of the elderly people can help in understanding these complex interactions. Such an interdisciplinary approach is(More)
Evidence in the literature suggests that physical activity, social contacts and cognitively stimulating activity, such as reading, often considered individually, may improve cognitive performance. Our work examines their interactions and confirms their positive effects on cognitive functions. The correlations between physical activity, socialization,(More)
OBJECTIVES The relative contributions of risk factors, as body mass index (BMI), depression, chronic diseases, smoking, and lifestyles (as physical and performance activity, social contacts and reading habit) to cognitive decline in the elderly are unclear. We explored these variables in relation to 7-year cognitive decline in long-lived Italian elderly. (More)
IL-6 expression is regulated by the interplay of several transcriptional and hormonal factors, including sex steroids and glucocorticoids. In late life IL-6 expression increases as a result from loss of the normally inhibiting sex steroids. IL-6 is one of several proinflammatory cytokines. It has been proposed that many chronic inflammatory diseases are the(More)
Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) signaling modulation has been associated with increased lifespan in model organisms, while high levels of circulating interleukin-6 (IL-6) are a marker of disability and mortality. In the prospective, population-based "Treviso Longeva"--TRELONG Study from Italy (n = 668, age range 70-105.5 years at baseline, followed for(More)
Union dissolution is a constantly increasing phenomenon across Europe – even in Italy where the prevalence of divorce has always been among the lowest. This poses several questions on the consequences which such an event can have on the families involved. Many studies show that women usually undergo the worst financial consequences, although there are few(More)
Human sirtuins are seven proteins with deacetylase activity that are emerging as key modulators of basic physiological functions. Some evidence links SIRT3 to longevity in mammals. This study aimed to investigate whether variants within SIRT3 gene were associated to human longevity. We analyzed 549 genomic DNA collected during the prospective study “Treviso(More)
Frailty is a biological syndrome of decreased reserves and lower resistance to stressors, deriving from cumulative declines across multiple physiological systems and causing adverse outcomes. Physical frailty is easy to assess, strongly correlated to disability and to survival, considering the comorbidities, too. This working definition of frailty is(More)