Fatoumata Camara

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Deficiencies of iron and iodine are common in West Africa, and salt is one of very few food vehicles available for fortification. Salt dual-fortified with iodine and micronized ground ferric pyrophosphate (FePP) was tested for its efficacy in rural, tropical Côte d'Ivoire. First, salt and iron intakes, and iron bioavailability were estimated using 3-d(More)
In Thanks to ambient computing, information can be diffused and accessed everywhere, at anytime, on any platform. But how worthwhile is this for citizens? Is their quality of life improved? This article describes the application of the Worth Centered Design (WCD), proposed by G. Cockton, for identifying the worth of a context-aware recommender system,(More)
The glycan beta-galactosamine-(1-4)-3-O-methyl-D-chiro-inositol, called INS-2, was previously isolated from liver as a putative second messenger-modulator for insulin. Synthetic INS-2 injected intravenously in rats is both insulin-mimetic and insulin-sensitizing. This bioactivity is attributed to allosteric activation of pyruvate dehydrogenase phosphatase(More)
This paper proposes a two-layer component-based middleware framework that copes with the complexity of managing and constructing efficient and useful SIP-based home services. In the first layer, the device integration framework overcomes the heterogeneity of media home devices by providing protocol-independent components that reify the underlying devices.(More)
We are proposing a SIG as an extended forum to build a sustainable network and resource repository for practitioners and researchers engaged in community centered collaborative design in developing countries. In structured discussions and an open cross-cultural dialogue, we attempt to build a practical and theoretical foundation based on success and failure(More)
A highly stereoselective oxocarbenium ion-alkene cyclization for synthesis of C-branched cylitols is described. This methodology was applied to 10S, a potentially versatile intermediate for side-chain analogues of the antiangiogenic agent fumagillin. Compound 10S was subsequently converted to diene 5. Because racemic 5 has been converted to racemic(More)
This paper deals with context-aware mobile information systems. From an analysis of types of information delivered by such systems, it proposes the PIPE (Personal, Impersonal, Perennial, Ephemeral) taxonomy, and characterizes 9 systems accordingly. This shows that focus has been mostly set on impersonal information (museums, restaurants, music, etc.) so far(More)