Fatoumata Binta Diallo

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BACKGROUND Population surveys and health services registers are the main source of data for the management of public health. Yet, the validity of survey data on the use of mental health services has been questioned repeatedly due to the sensitive nature of mental illness and to the risk of recall bias. The main objectives of this study were to compare data(More)
Ectopic pregnancy is one of the most frequent hemorrhagic emergencies encountered in gynecology and obstetrics. The purpose of this 16-month descriptive prospective study at the Ignace Deen Gynecology-Obstetric clinic at Conakry University Hospital in Guinea was to assess diagnostic techniques and therapeutic attitudes regarding ectopic pregnancy in a(More)
Early delivery is not rare, it is an important cause of perinatal mortality. In this study its rate, was 4.95%. The early and late ages of procreation were particularly interested (7.95%) and 3.90%. The first and last parities were more exposed (7.75%-5.31%). The woman occupation was as an important risk-factor. The incidences increased in the poor and rich(More)
The authors in a prospective, analytical study of 8 months from January 1st to August 31st performed at the Ignace Deen Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Conakry University Hospital; assessed the impact of the mode of delivery in breech presentation on maternal and fetal outcome in the African context of Guinea. Breech presentation in mono fetal(More)
This purpose of this prospective and descriptive study was to evaluate the utility of a calcium-channel inhibitor, i.e. nifedipine, for management of preterm labor in our work setting in terms of safety and cost-effectiveness in comparison with betamimetics classically used for this indication. Study was carried out over a six-month period in the department(More)
The authors have documented 50 cases of U.R., out 2,151 normal deliveries. During the same period, 614 surgeries for caesarean sections were performed. The U.R. frequency has been estimated at 1.80%. 98% of the U.R. were referred to us from outside in the vicinity maternities of Niamey. The maximum number of frequencies occurs between the ages of 15-42(More)
The objectives of this study were to calculate the frequency of ectopic pregnancy in the department, define its epidemiological, diagnostic, therapeutic, and prognostic aspects, and determine a clear therapeutic approach appropriate to our setting. In this prospective study, we compiled all cases of ectopic pregnancy seen in 2011 and 2012 in the(More)
The cancer of the cervix is a tumor that can be detected at an early stage. Unfortunately, it is still detected lately in our service. Thus, it is the underlying cause of death by gynecological affection. After a preliminary work in 1982 about 35 case histories, the authors undertake a 10 years retrospective study where they showed that: the cancer of the(More)
OBJECTIVE Outcome measures are rarely available for surveillance and system performance monitoring for mental disorders and addictions. Our study aims to demonstrate the feasibility and face validity of routinely measuring the mortality gap in the Canadian context at the provincial and regional levels using the methods and data available to the Canadian(More)