Fatouma Boukadida

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The text to speech synthesis quality depends on the naturalness, on the intelligibility of the speech generated and the specific characteristics to the produced voice. These characteristics depend on the techniques and the methods of synthesis, but also on the care taken to prosodic modelling, especially by introducing Intonatif effects on the synthetic(More)
Arabic text-to-speech synthesis needs to be developed, in order to be integrated to many IT applications, like email and SMS reading, automatic information delivery and helping disabled people to use such sophisicated services. However, a standalone text-to-speech system needs automatic generation of prosody, including F<sub>0</sub> contour prediction.(More)
Prosody modeling has become the backbone of TTS synthesis systems. Amongst all the prosodic modeling approaches, phonetic methods aiming to predict duration and F0 contour are being very praised, thanks to the development of regression tools, such as neural networks (NN). Besides, parametric representations like Fujisaki model for F0 contour generation help(More)
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