Fatma Zeynep Temel

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— Untethered swimming microrobots have many advantages for biomedical applications such as targeted drug delivery, simple surgical tasks including opening of clogged arteries and as diagnostic tools. In this paper, swimming of microrobots is examined in water and glycerin filled channels. Propulsion of microrobots is enabled by means of an external magnetic(More)
Controlled swimming of bio-inspired microrobots in confined spaces needs to be understood well for potential use in medical applications in conduits and vessels inside the body. In this study, experimental and computational studies are performed for analysis of swimming modes of a bio-inspired microrobot in rectangular channels at low Reynolds number.(More)
Controlled navigation of swimming micro robots inside fluid filled channels is necessary for applications in living tissues and vessels. Hydrodynamic behavior inside channels and interaction with channel walls need to be understood well for successful design and control of these surgical-tools-to-be. In this study, two different mechanisms are used for(More)
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