Fatma Unver Koçak

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The purpose of this study was to compare the blood lactate (La-), heart rate (HR) and percentage of maximum HR (%HRmax) responses among the small-sided games (SSGs) in elite young soccer players. Sixteen players (average age 15.7 6 0.4 years; height 176.8 6 4.6 cm; body mass 65.5 6 5.6 kg; VO2max 53.1 6 5.9 ml · kg(-1) · min(-1); HRmax 195.9 6 7.4 b ·(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the methodologic quality and level of evidence of publications in major peer-reviewed general rehabilitation journals (Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation [APMR], American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation [AJPMR], Clinical Rehabilitation [CR], and Physical Therapy [PT]). DESIGN Descriptive, comparative.(More)
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