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Service discovery is an emerging field in the area of ubiquitous computing. There are various techniques and protocols particularly tailored to specific sets of objectives. This paper analyses the current state of the art and presents taxonomy of service discovery protocols. It demonstrates also the benefits of combining the service discovery with route(More)
Mobile ad hoc networks are characterized by their highly dynamic, multi-hop, and infrastructure-less nature. Due to limited computing power, scarce bandwidth, high mobility and the lack of a central coordinating entity, service discovery in these network is a challenging task. The great majority of service discovery protocols developed for MANETs deal with(More)
Service discovery in mobile ad hoc networks is challenging because of the absence of any central intelligence in the network. Traditional solutions as used in the Internet are hence not well suited for mobile ad hoc networks. This paper focuses on traditional application layer service discovery protocols (SDP) shortcomings by presenting a fair comparison(More)
MANETs are highly dynamic and suffer from frequent and unpredictable changes in the network topology due to the fact that devices are mobile and operate with low battery power. Due to limited computing power, high mobility and the lack of a central coordinating entity, service discovery in MANETs has been an attractive area of research. However, proposed(More)
Roadway safety is a serious public health issue. Vehicle crashes on the roads and highways cost loss of lives and damages to properties. Technology exists today to help identify and respond quickly to crashes, which is specially critical in rural areas. A feature that enables a car to warn its driver against an eminent crash or to recommend the proper speed(More)
Users of today's networks expect certain services from the network. Indeed one of the purposes of the network is to enable nodes to access remote services and resources not locally available. Given the significance and potential benefits of MANETs, it is necessary to design robust protocols which ensure that users of such networks are able to find the(More)
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