Fatma Mohamed

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Cloud computing is an emerging paradigm that provides scalable computing and storage capabilities where resources are accessed on a pay-as-you-go basis. Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are hosted in the cloud and made available as services for tenants' organizations over a network. To achieve reusability in cloud computing, software and hardware(More)
Most of query optimizers choose a single query plan for processing all the data based on the average data statistics. But this plan is usually not efficient with the uncertain stream datasets of modern applications as network monitoring, sensor networks and financial applications; where these data have continuous variations over time. In this paper we(More)
PURPOSE Chronic oroantral fistulas (OAFs) are a challenging problem in oral and maxillofacial surgery, and the treatment success rate of OAFs is as low as 67%. Thus, the double-layered closure has been described. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the simplicity and effectiveness of using a palatal rotational flap and suturing of the sinus membrane(More)
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has recently been adopted by many organizations to get their work done through subscription-based services. To leverage economies of scale, software and hardware resources are shared among multiple tenants who have different requirements that rapidly change with time. Responding to tenants' diverse needs requires SaaS providers(More)
This paper offers necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of solutions of linear shift-invariant twodimensional Fornasini-Marchesini models. Importantly, these conditions have a recursive structure which is based on a sequence of subspaces. This result is then generalized to N- dimensional systems.
Cloud computing has become a widely used computing paradigm providing on-demand computing and storage capabilities based on pay-as-you-go model. Recently, many organizations, especially in the field of big data, have been adopting the cloud model to perform data analytics through leasing powerful Virtual Machines (VMs). VMs can be attractive targets to(More)
A retrospective study was conducted to compare the clinical outcomes of three different types of hardware that are used in mandibular angle fracture fixation. Thirty patients were selected from the hospital database. The patients were categorized into the following groups: group A, in which a single 2.0-mm locking miniplate was used; group B, in which a(More)
As major product of information technology, YouTube is a ubiquitous source for education, also in the field of information technology. Learners, however, are facing the increasing problem of finding appropriate videos on YouTube efficiently. Users' rating in terms of Likes and Dislikes could provide a starting point. However, it is unclear what the number(More)
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